Welcome to MEDestetis Institute of Aesthetic Medicine!

Aesthetic and anti-aging medicine have always been my passion. Many years of professional development and experience have helped me to establish MEDestetis – a place where my patients and I feel good. My philosophy is to emphasise the natural look of every woman and change the features they are not keen on.I encourage my patients to create their images together with me so that they feel comfortable in their bodies. It gives me deep satisfaction and a lot of energy for further development when I see my patients ever more smiling and ever more beautiful. In my clinic rely on safe and effective products of well-known brands, disposable equipment and anesthetics which ensure painless treatment. In MEDestetis I cooperate only with experienced and reliable medical and cosmetic staff. I want to make sure all my patients feel they are in the right place and in right hands.

Feel invited to visit us.
Joanna Kuschill-Dziurda, MD, PhD